About Us

We are a family owned business located in The Woodlands TX. We love our world and are dedicated to our beautiful community. As a strong advocate for less waste and more efficient sustainable practices, we introduced Zero Waste The Woodlands – a "food waste/compostables" pick up service. We accommodate the needs of those who are trying to make a change, no matter how much food waste they have. 

The focus of our service is to manage an operative food diversion system; we work with all parties involved to create a participative plan for pre/post-consumer waste. We are actively involved (as needed) through the waste production process to make sure we capture as much waste while educating as many people. For example, bin placement, staff training, bin storage, timely waste removal, bin sanitation, followed by periodic presentation of food waste diversion audit, etc. We can make a plan that best suits your needs.

We are a team of environmentalists and scientists who are passionate about existence and nature as much as you are. Who are we?


Andra Wilcox

Andra is an environmental scientist and certified Project Management Professional (PMP) focusing on energy and sustainability. Her work entails research to action initiatives regarding stakeholder engagement, waste minimization, corporate social responsibility and resilience in the Gulf Coast region. Miss Wilcox has a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science from Texas A&M, Commerce. She also works with Energy and Sustainability where she has conducted multiple on-site evaluations of upstream O&G operations in diverse ecosystems across the U.S. and Canada and has compiled comparison analyses of best practices of operators and service providers. She has a Master of Science Degree in strategic leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science from Texas A&M, Commerce. Her previous experience includes community outreach, solid waste/recycling monitoring, residential and governmental contract compliance, municipal recycling facilities auditing, and field/site inspections for the Texas Department of State Health Services to mitigate proliferation of potential arbovirus vectors. Further, Andra conducts litter abatement efforts whereupon several miles of roads and pathways are surveyed and litter/debris is identified, categorized, and removed quarterly throughout the year.